Welcome to the Welfare page of the JCR website! This overview page should be useful for you if you have any queries about the Welfare system, including: who to go to for help, which welfare supplies are available and how to order them, and how to order welfare taxis as well as possible reasons for their use, so you know when it is appropriate to order one. 

If you need any more information, feel free to read the Hertford Wellbeing handbook which you can find here. This not only gives you information about what has been discussed here on the website, but also talks about what to do if you need support with finances, international support, equality and diversity, faith issues, harassment, and COVID.

If you are not able to find the answer to your questions on here, do not hesitate to contact either Mia Smith (the college Designated Welfare Lead and Chaplain) at mia.smith@hertford.ox.ac.uk or one of the Welfare Officers (Shireen Haque and Jakub Trybull) via either Facebook messenger or their email.

The welfare team consists of:

  • Us! Shireen and Jakub, your JCR Welfare Officers. We’re both trained peer supporters and happy to help get you resources, support, answer any questions and listen to any concerns.
  • Mia Smith, the college chaplain 
  • The Dean, Oliver Noble Wood
  • Junior Deans
  • Peer Supporters
  • The college nurses and doctors
  • The college counsellor, Jane Enticott.

What we do:

We’re here to support you and provide you with any resources we can, from counselling to condoms. Here’s a list of some of the things the welfare team offers:

  • Free welfare supplies – condoms, lube, sex toy wipes, pregnancy tests, attack alarms, and earplugs. Read below to find out how to get these pidged to you.
  • Termly welfare week in 5th week where we provide snacks, ice cream, fun events, and the occasional sex toy raffle!
  • Awareness sessions on consent and discrimination
  • Support getting in contact with other members of the welfare team or college staff.
  • Chats with trained peer supporters
  • Counselling
  • Emergency funding


Which Welfare Supplies can I have Pidged to me? (put discreetly in your pigeon holes by the Welfare Officers)

  • Condoms (normal, large, and some latex-free)
  •   Lube
  • Sex toy/ body wipes
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Attack Alarms
  • Earplugs         

Which Welfare Supplies can I purchase which can then be reimbursed by the Welfare Budget?

  • Half the price (to the nearest pound) of a menstrual cup
  •  Half the price of The Morning after pill, which can be purchased at pharmacies, GP surgeries or a Sexual Health Clinic

How do you order Welfare Supplies and ask for reimbursements?  

  • Either fill out the welfare supplies form here, message one of the welfare officers (Jakub Trybull and Shireen Haque) on Facebook, or email them (jakub.trybull@hertford.ox.ac.uk and shireen.haque@hertford.ox.ac.uk) with the supplies you require.
  • In order to be reimbursed you must send a picture of the receipt and the money will either be pidged or bank transferred to you.     


How do I order a Welfare Taxi?

  1. Call/go to the lodge (01865279400) and request a welfare taxi, letting the porter know your location. Only taxis ordered through the lodge are eligible for reimbursement. Have your bod card ready as the porter may ask for the number on top of the barcode.
  2. Get in the taxi.
  3. Fill in the taxi form (found here) by Friday of 7th week) with the reasoning for the use of the taxi. If not deemed valid by the welfare officers, you will be battelled the cost.

How do I know my reason for ordering a Welfare Taxi is valid?

Some possible valid reasons include:

  • An emergency requiring immediate medical attention
  • A circumstance in which you need a taxi to remove you from a potentially harmful situation
  • Immobility which genuinely prevents the alternative modes of transport 
  • A journey to/from Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis centre

However, in general use your common sense. You are using collective JCR funds for Welfare Taxis, so do not abuse the system.

The Taxi service we use can sometimes refuse people a lift if the driver thinks you may be sick in the taxi. We are currently trying to ask them to provide sickbags, but bear this in mind if ordering one while drunk.