How do I run in an election?

  1. Read the Standing Orders (below) and see what the position entails. For senior officers the relevant section will be found in pages 13-16, for representative roles 16-20, and for committee roles 20-25.
  2. If you want more information, get in contact with the current officer/rep to find out what they do.
  3. Find someone to propose and second you – they cannot be a current or former JCR committee member. They will read your speech in your place if you cannot make the meeting.
  4. Nominate yourself by messaging / emailing the secretary
  5. Create and submit your manifesto to the secretary.
  6. You may be given some challenges by the current rep/officer! These are fun and usually include making a video or dressing up as something silly. It’s a chance for you to show off your personality!
  7. Prepare a 2 minute speech to give at the hustings. (If you cannot attend for any valid reason, your proposer may read your speech in your place or we may livestream your speech given enough notice)

How do I write a manifesto?

Super simple – see handy picture for an example of what to include.

Lots of people use canva for the fun colours etc, but you can also use word, powerpoint, the notes app – whatever works for you and remember looks aren’t everything so don’t be fussed if it’s not too fancy!

Try not to just repeat the obligatory requirements in the standing orders but to come up with your own new ideas!

Your manifesto will be posted on Facebook for the JCR to have a read before they vote.

It should be ONE PAGE LANDSCAPE so it can be shown at the hustings. Committees may use TWO PAGES.