Food and Housing

Food in hall

  • Informal hall includes breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday-Friday and brunch at the weekends. Breakfast is served 8-10am, lunch is 12:15-2pm, dinner is 5:30-7pm and brunch is 11-1pm. 
  • Formals happen thrice a week: every Tuesday and Sunday, and alternating Thursdays (weeks 1,3,5,7) and Fridays (weeks 2,4,6,8) at 7:15pm. Formal booking opens on Upay exactly a week in advance of the formal at 6pm and closes two working days beforehand at 9am, tickets are £9.
  • Typically two formals a term are Black Tie, for £12. You can bring up to two guests with you, for £12 for a regular formal or £16 for a black tie formal, from a different college, from home or beyond!

Down The Bar opening hours:

Sun-Thurs 8-10.30pm

Fri-Sat 8-11pm

The ballot

  • The ballot is the way we assign rooms for 2nd, 3rd and 4th years
  • Though in some colleges this is run by the JCR, at Hertford it’s run by the Accomodation Office
  • The ballot is not scary!
  • In Hilary Term you decide whether you are living out of college or in college, and on your own or with friends.
  • You may ballot with friends up to a group of five – this is your ballot group
  • You must enter the ballot by 8th week of Hilary
  • If you have DAS room requirements you will be assigned a tailored room which best meets your needs.
  • Ballot groups and individuals will then be randomly ordered, with the exception of the 10 members of the JCR committee, who go first
  • So the ballot order looks like this:
  1. President, Treasurer, Secretary, Food and Housing Officer, Female Welfare Officer, Male Welfare Officer, Sports Officer, Academic Officer and then Access Officer
  2. (going to be) 3rd years – randomly ordered
  3. 4th years – randomly ordered
  4. 2nd years – randomly ordered
  • In Trinity Term, everyone will have the opportunity to select a room, in order of the ballot – so the President gets first pick and the 2nd years get last
  • All information on accommodation available is on the intranet: here