Mental health support

If you’re experiencing mental health issues, no matter how big or small, college is here to help and there’s a number of people to go to, from peer supporters to the college counsellor.

Peer supporters

Peer Supporters are fellow students who have been trained in the confidentiality process and in active listening. We are a friendly bunch who are always up for a chat or to listen to your worries.

The current Peer Supporters are; Mary Mawhinney, Fergus Trower, Matt Unwin, Cass Baumberg, Amy Leung, Liberty Hunter, Louis Thomson, Evie Craggs, Shireen Haque, Freja Davis, Lara Bampfield, Lucy Barnard, and Rory Tyler. You can find photos of them with their contact details on poster around college.

You can contact Peer Supporters via Facebook Messenger or via their university email. You can also message one of the welfare reps on Facebook and they will help you out either directly or by putting you in touch with another peer supporter if you would prefer.

Peer Supporters are a diverse bunch and there are rainbow supporters (Cass and Mary) as well as Peers of Colour (Amy).

JCR committee

If you’re having specific issues in college, you can always contact the relevant JCR officer to see if we can help. For example, the Academic Affairs Officer is always around to help with academic stress, and if you’re having issues with a specific tutor or paper she can help you resolve the concern.  If you have any questions about collections, workload, resources, exams, study spaces or more, then please reach out to her through facebook or email and she can help you or put you in touch with someone else who can. Similarly, our wonderful Equal Opportunities Committee are on hand to help with any issue that arise in regards to specific access or diversity concerns.

Mia Smith

 Although the Peer Supporters are a great resource, you may sometimes feel the need to get in touch with someone with more responsibility and training. If you feel this, Mia Smith (our Chaplain and Designated Welfare Lead) is a great person to contact. You can reach her at or on 01865 279455 and she is always ready to talk about any welfare issues you might have, including stress, anxiety, and depression as well as welfare issues that have arisen in or out of college. Keep an eye on Mia’s weekly emails for more resources!

Mia is also one of the college harassment advisors, so can offer you advice and support if you have been subject to or affected by harassment in any way.

Not only will Mia try to help you with your issues directly, but she can also point you in the right direction if you feel you need to take any further steps, for example by visiting the GP.

Junior Deans

Junior Deans are postgrads who live in college. You can call them on the Lodge’s number (01865279400) and they will put you in contact with them. Alternatively, you can email them at;;;

Junior Deans are especially useful late night emergencies and over weekends, but you can go to them for any other welfare issues you may have.

Our Current Main Site Junior Deans are Heather Kayton and Thomas Hakman; Our North Oxford Junior Dean is Natasha Holcroft-Emmess and our Folly Bridge Junior Dean is Arjuna James. 

The Dean

Our Dean is Oliver Noble-Wood and you can email him at

The Dean is officially in charge of welfare support at Hertford and you can contact him with any major concerns you might have about your welfare, for example if you have been subject to harassment. 

College Counsellor

The college counsellor Jane Enticott offers counselling sessions to Hertford students on Mondays between 9.45 and 4.30pm weeks 1-9. Her email is

University Counselling Service

The university counselling service offers individual counselling sessions, workshops, and group counselling. They can be contacted by emailing, and more information is available on the university website here.

The College Doctors and Nurse

Both the university counselling service and the college counsellor work on a short term, termly basis. The college GPs are available for long term conditions and support.

The College GP practice is 28 Beaumont Street and should be contacted if you are experiencing mental health problems that do not require immediate assistance.

 The College Nurse and Doctors can be contacted on 01865 311811

Oxford Nightline

This is a completely independent listening, support and information service run for and by students.

It is open from 8:00 pm-8:00am seven days a week from 0th to 9th week. The number is 01865270270, but you can also chat with them via their website. This can be accessed via this link or via a link on the JCR Facebook Page.