Physical health

The College Doctors and Nurse

The College GP practice is 28 Beaumont Street and should be contacted if you are experiencing medical or mental health that does not require immediate assistance.

The College Nurses’ Jo Stennings and Ev Francis, have a room is NB1.1 and their hours are Monday–Wednesday 8.30–11.30, Thursday 11–2 and Friday 2–5. They also are located at 28 Beaumont Street.

There is often some drop-in availability, but otherwise appointments can be made over the phone.

The College Nurse and Doctors can be contacted on 01865 311811.

Getting to hospital

If you need a taxi to hospital, college can provide you with a free welfare taxi.

  1. Call/go to the lodge (01865279400) and request a welfare taxi, letting the porter know your location. Only taxis ordered through the lodge are eligible for reimbursement. Have your bod card ready as the porter may ask for the number on top of the barcode.
  2. Get in the taxi.
  3. Fill in the taxi form (found here) by Friday of 7th week.

How do I get support if I have a Disability or suspect I might have an undiagnosed disability?

Many people at Oxford have a disability and as such there is a lot of support available, including offering learning support, mental health advice, and support for those with sensory and mobility impairments, health conditions and neurodivergency.

You can contact our wonderful college Disabilities Rep, ring 28 Beaumont Street, or contact college welfare staff such as Lynn or Mia. Find more info on how to get in touch with our Disabilities Rep here.

They may put you in contact with the Disability Advisory Service, who will offer you further support, including applying for funding if you require specialist equipment. For more info on the DAS see here.