Constitutional Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee reviews the work of the JCR including motions, elections, and agenda to ensure officers and representatives are constitutional and meeting their campaign promises.

They review the budget and accounts and report back to the JCR.

Complaints Procedure

Hopefully most issues can be resolved by talking to the Senior Officer, Representative, or Committee member in question! There is a welfare feedback form, an academic affairs feedback form, a food and housing feedback form, and an IT feedback form which can be used for suggestions or requests. If you have general feedback you can also use the anonymous complaints form, as above to make suggestions.

If you have a complaint to raise about the conduct of an elected JCR committee member in their role, raise a complaint with the Oversight Committee by contacting Ken. (Unless the complaint is about the Oversight Committee! Then you should go to the JCR President.) The person being complained about will be notified they are being investigated, but not about what or who raised the complaint.

Hopefully their response will resolve the issue! If you feel their response is unacceptable, you should contact the Dean, who may negotiate between the JCR and you.

If after this either you or the JCR are still unsatisfied with the outcome, the Dean may refer the case to an independent investigator appointed by the governing body. At this point there will be no further grounds for appeal.