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“Hertford has so much to offer, no matter your background and in true Hertford-spirit, I want to extend this to everyone. Currently, students at Hertford can get involved in tours to prospective students, Q&A sessions and even our own @humansofhertford account showcasing the reality of being a student here at Oxford. Sometimes, Oxford can seem daunting and its not strange to feel out of your depth, so I am redoing the alternative prospectus – a guide to student life at Hertford. All in all, access at Hertford is all about continuing and spreading our warm community and making sure it’s a space for everyone! Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions or need anything access-related!”

Aminah Memon, Access Officer –


Hertford has an incredibly generous system of financial support available, including a £1,000 bursary automatically given to anybody with a household income of under £53,000. It’s paid to you in two £500 instalments in Hilary and Trinity terms. You don’t have to apply for this – it’s all calculated from your student finance application. The Oxford Bursary and Crankstart Scholarships work in a similar way, but are administered from the central university. 

There’s no reason why finances should ever discourage you from studying at Oxford or any university; College has an easily accessible hardship fund that can help you out if you ever need support. Hertford’s accommodation is amongst the cheapest in Oxford, and you only pay for when you’re actually here – meaning no costly bills between terms! There’s also plenty of opportunities to make some pennies while you’re here (especially if you sign up to be an ambassador!) by getting involved with college’s outreach programmes (such as the Telethon or Barton Code Club).


What even is the Student Support Fund?

The student support fund is intended to help students (undergraduates and graduates, from UK or overseas) in financial difficulty for reasons beyond their direct control, who do not have access to other forms of financial support. The funds are donated to the college by alumni and charitable institutions for this purpose.

How do I apply?

You can apply for the Student Support Fund in any college term, BUT applications must be submitted to the Bursary by the end of 2nd OR 6th Week, to be assessed by the Student Support Committee in 3rd and 7th Week. In a financial emergency an application may be considered between meetings.

1. Get application form – available from bursar, welfare officers, or Linda Cassettari (

2. Complete application form

3. The form requires you to declare the income of your parents, and all sources of funding. These details can remain confidential to the Student Support Committee if you wish.

4. Submit application form to Linda Cassettari, the Bursar’s PA by Friday of 2nd or 6th Week.

5. Students will be contacted after their application has been assessed.

Read more on the hertford intranet here.

For more info on financial support see: – for care experienced or estranged students – for care experienced/estranged students, or student parents

Contact our Access Officer or Class Rep if you have any more questions!