The JCR Committee works to represent everyone in the JCR. It is made up of three main branches – the Exec, Senior Officers, and Representatives, as well as other more specific sub-committees. To contact any of us, use the email addresses listed below or on our SharePoint page. We also have a Linktree with all the important forms you might need in one place.



Tanya Ranadive, 2nd year Geography

Hey! I’m Tanya, the JCR President for 2023. I’m super excited to be taking on this role for the year, but even more excited that I’ve finally got something cool on my CV… I take geography. I want to ensure that Hertford’s friendly and welcoming reputation is maintained, I want to represent the JCR as fairly as possible, and I’ll make sure that all feedback is acted upon! When I’m not running around going for meetings or nose-deep looking at maps, you can probably find me chatting with the secretary and academic affairs officer- definitely coming up with ideas of how to make Hertford a lot more than just the ‘one with the bridge’!


Amrit Ark, 2nd year Economics & Management

Hello all – I’m Amrit, your JCR Treasurer / Deputy President for 2023. I’m a second year Economics and Management student, so all this money business comes natural to me of course. My aim as treasurer is to bring about the best college experience for everyone at Hertford and defend the student body to the best of my abilities – Hertford has been an incredibly welcoming and supportive place for me (someone who is from a secondary school which had never seen a student go on to Oxbridge), and I hope to help make it an even more welcoming space for everyone here, and for future years. If you ever have any questions about battels, funding for things, or financial difficulties, please feel free to get in touch with me!


Jenny Grehan-Bradley, 2nd year History

Hello everyone! I’m Jenny, a second-year historian and your new Secretary (and Returning Officer). My role includes minuting meetings, running the social media, organising the elections and amending the Standing Orders. I also work closely with the Committee of Representatives and the Oversight Committee to make sure everything is operating smoothly. It is a real privilege to have been elected alongside some wonderful people; I know that we are all dedicated to taking our roles seriously and making your college experience as comfortable, exciting and fulfilling as possible. One of my main aims this year is to make the JCR more active, visible and accessible. I am committed to demystifying the processes of writing motions, debating and running in elections. A good JCR is not one that merely represents students, but also encourages those students to represent themselves. So, please feel free to get in touch if you ever have any questions or concerns.



Shireen Haque, 2nd year History

Hi, I’m Shireen and I’m the Female Welfare Officer at Hertford. When I’m not reading about Early Modern witchcraft or busy with JCR events, I love reading, watching Gilmore Girls and going out with my friends. I coordinate welfare events, supplies and information for the college and we are the first point of call for students seeking support with their mental health. Welfare Officers lead a team of peer supporters who are fully trained students to help the Hertford community cope with any issues they are facing and offering a kind, listening ear. As female welfare officer I am particularly concerned with representing and uplifting women*’s concerns. I would love to see Hertford become an even more supportive and inclusive community and am excited to be part of such a diverse JCR Committee.


Jakub Trybull, 2nd year Economics & Management

Hi, I’m Jakub, I’m your Male Welfare Officer. Leisure is important to me and in my spare time I like to keep with my French, upset my housemates with some piano and embrace the sublime. Shireen and I are fundamentally welfare officers, regardless of your sex. If you have any concerns or want a chat, shoot either of us a message/email and we’ll help you get the welfare you need. We’re also making sure to keep supplies stocked up so let us know if you want anything anonymously pidged.


Nadia-Angela Bekhti, 2nd year Biology

My main role is to be responsible for most of the communication between the JCR and the catering and accommodation teams at Hertford, which involves passing on feedback, sharing any changes to services, rules etc and promoting food-based events in college! You can contact me with any questions about catering, formals, accommodation, vacation rent, the housing ballot… basically any domestic issue. College are always really receptive to and enthusiastic about student suggestions so I’m excited to see Hertford’s food and housing follow in the steps of our, as the students, needs. When I’m not Housing and Fooding Hertford students, and taking part in the other 100 things in my diary, I can be found on the balcony part of Duky Humps (aka Duke Humphries Library) or in the Pret queue listening to Taylor Swift :)).


Olivia Hickman, 2nd year Economics & Management

Hey, I’m Liv your academic affairs officer for this year. My job is basically to be the main point of communication between everyone in the JCR and college about everything academic. Because of the library renovations this year, one of my main jobs is to ensure that the student are prioritised in any plans college make and our opinions are made clear so if you have any idea let me know. When I’m not busy being an academic weapon as is required for this job you will find me down at the boathouse or hunting down free drinks in the business school. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or feedback you have about anything academic 😊


Phil Evans Alcantara, 2nd year Geography

Hi, I’m Phil, your Sport’s Officer. The essence of my role is to assist and grow Hertford’s sporting prowess. Sport is such a fundamental part of the college experience and general well-being, hence my determination to support any (and I mean ANY) form of sporty endeavour! Additionally, I’m your point of contact for gym related matters, please don’t hesitate to ask about changes you’d like to see to that space, or the wider college sporting community. Personally, getting stuck in with almost every Hertford’s sports team, be it participating or cheering from the side, has arguably been the best thing about my college experience so far. Therefore, I urge you all to do the same, so Hertford can maintain its notoriously strong sporty reputation. Fear the sporty deer!


Aminah Memon, 2nd year Biology

Hey! I’m Min and I want to ensure any prospective students feel like Hertford is for them. Hertford has an amazing support network, from student welfare officers, a generous bursary all the way to incredible diversity reps! As always, contact me if you want to be a student ambassador (do tours etc…), feature on @humansofhertford or just want a chat! For many of us at Hertford, access really played a pivotal role in our journey here, so I cannot explain how fulfilling it is to have the chance to do this for others!


Harriet Wood, 2nd year Computer Science & Philosophy

Heya! I’m Harriet, the JCR IT Officer. My role involves maintaining this website and our intranet page, being a friendly port-of-call for tech issues and dishing out Ethernet cables to people who need them. I’m also in charge of maintaining the tech in the physical JCR, and helping to implement any IT changes people want around college. Not to mention, most importantly, having PowerPoint skills for JCR meetings! Outside of cable management, you can usually find me playing fiddle in OUCB or curating my Spotify playlists. Feel free to email me with any IT-related issues or questions!


Arts RepEvie Brenkley, 1st year Music
Bar RepZoe Vereker, 1st year CS & Philosophy
BME RepAaliyah Dustagheer, 1st year History
Charities RepFiona Zeka, 2nd year English
Class RepAnya Tregay, 2nd year Law
Disabilities RepTBC
Environment and Ethics RepBeatrice McWilliams, 2nd year Biology
Entz RepRory Tyler, 1st year Geography
Equal Opportunities RepFinlay Ryder, 1st year Biology
Gym RepFlynn Bizzell, 3rd year Biology
International Students RepBosco Wong, 2nd year English
LGBTQ+ RepBella Done, 2nd year Maths
Transgender/GNC RepSkai Cook, 2nd year Computer Science
Women*’s RepTrixie Smith, 1st year Spanish
for contact details for any of the committee, check out our SharePoint Page