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Warnock menu


Book formal meals

Meal times

Breakfast Weekdays 08:15 – 09:00
Lunch Weekdays 12:00 – 13:30
Dinner Weekdays 18:00 – 18:45
Brunch Weekends 11:00 – 12:30
Formal Hall Thu / Fri and Sun 19:15 – 21:00
Guest Night Fri 4th / 8th 19:15 – 21:00

Breakfast / Brunch prices

Cooked Breakfast £1.49
Half Brunch £1.81
Full Brunch £3.56
Croissant £0.64
Cereal £0.64
Toast £0.38
Tea or Coffee £0.45
Sausage £0.66
Bacon £0.55
Fried Egg £0.35
Baked Beans £0.38
Mushrooms £0.38

Lunch prices

Main (Meat) £2.56
Main (Vegetarian) £2.17
Vegetables £0.60
Potatoes £0.66
Sweet £0.78
Full Salad £3.55
Side Salad £1.30
Jacket Potato and Filling £1.40
Fresh Fruit £0.49
Roll and Butter £0.45
Soup and Roll £1.33
Salad Box £3.00

Dinner prices

Main (Meat) £3.39
Main (Vegetarian) £2.18
Vegetables £0.60
Potatoes £0.66
Sweet £0.78
Full Salad £3.55
Side Salad £1.30
Salad Box £3.00

Confectionery prices

Ribena £0.77
Juice £0.62
Canned Drinks £0.82
Chocolate £0.71
Crisps £0.66
Cookies £0.61
Yoghurts £0.87
Sandwiches £2.11
Sandwiches ABCD £2.04
Rolls, Baps, and Wraps £2.64
Milkshakes £1.00

Events prices

Formal Hall £8.95
Guest Night £12.70

College contacts

Catering Services Manager

Antony Barrett manages the college’s Catering Services team, responsible for the delivery of high quality service to college members and their guests, as well as visitors and conference delegates. Antony is the first point of contact for event enquiries.

Head Chef

Ben Gibbons manages the college’s Kitchen team, responsible for the delivery of dining provision to college members and their guests, as well as visitors and conference delegates.


When are formal dinners? What do I have to wear? Can I bring guests?

Formal dinners are three-course dinners held in Hall and are open to all students, with a sign-up held on the preceding Monday at 9am. Last year they were held on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings, although the Wednesday evening formal is being moved to Thursdays and Fridays alternately in order to accommodate as many people as possible this year. Dress code for formals is smart with gowns. There are also Guest Night formals on the Friday nights of 4th and 8th weeks, which are an even swankier version of the normal formals. You can bring up to 3 guests to formal dinners, which you book on using the sign-up system explained below.

How do I book formal dinners? What do I do if I want to swap or cancel it?

This link takes you to a different site where you can sign in with your SSO and go through the signup process there. If you want to swap it, then cancel your spot and make sure your friend is on the site at the same time to pick it up. If you want to cancel it, make sure you do so before 10am on the morning of the formal, or at 10am on the preceding Friday for Sunday night formals.

What if the signup isn't working?

Let the Food and Housing Officer know. If it's not working for you, then odds are that it isn't working for everyone else. The Food and Housing Officer will endeavor to get it sorted quickly and fairly and will update the JCR Facebook page accordingly.

I had a terrible meal in Hall. What can I do about it?

On the JCR pinned post there is a page entitled Hertfood Review. Use it to review your meal - either good or bad - and the chefs will be able to see it and respond to your needs.

I have a special dietary requirement - how can I ensure that I am catered for in Hall?

On the form for formal dinners, there is a section where you can stipulate the requirements for you and your guests if needed. For main meals, all allergens are listed on the noticeboard outside hall, and vegetarian and gluten free items are listed on the menu posted on the JCR Facebook page. For other dietary requirements, get in touch with the kitchen in advance (at the start of the week, preferably) and let them know when and what you will require.

General meetings


What’s in the Bulletin? Why should I read it?

The Bulleting is mostly an update on the activity of the Exec and a reminder of any elections or meetings coming up. If you plan to run for a position, or if you want to see what the committee has been doing, you should give it a read. I also take pride in filling each bulletin with offensively bad jokes and endearing charm, so maybe that will get you jazzed also. Sometimes the bulletin also has useful info on internships and other interesting opportunities around Oxford.

When do I need to submit my motion/manifesto by?

General meeting are Sunday at 7PM on 2nd/5th/8th weeks. Your manifestos need to be sent to me by 8PM on the Wednesday of that week, and motions by 8PM on the Thursday.

What are the Constitution/Standing Orders?

They are the central guidelines for how democratic processes are carried out in the JCR. The constitution lays out the duties of the Exec, and the standing orders act as a supplement. They tell us things like the roles of each member of the Exec, the number of JCR members required to make a meeting quorate, and the way husts are to be carried out. They are supposed to cover every situation that the president and their exec may have to deal with during their term. The President has sole interpretive rights to the constitution, but may be challenged by any JCR member, or overruled by a 2/3 majority in a JCR meeting. The constitution can even be changed with a 2/3 majority in two successive meetings.

What is a Hust?

It’s a short (2 minute) speech made to the JCR to convince them of your suitability for the role. This is usually done at JCR general meetings.

Battels and budgets


How do I pay my Battels?

Head to the Bursary (in OB2) and pay via card or cheque or do an online bank transfer to college (see the bottom of your Battels for bank details) quoting your account number in the reference.

Something isn’t right on my Battels...

Drop me a message or an email and I might be able to explain. If this doesn’t clear things up email Raquel Goold and CC me in ( explaining the issue.

How do I go about getting funding for X?

Submitting a motion to a JCR meeting is the most commonly used way of getting funding. If you need any advice on what to include in the motion or want information about how much of the JCR motions budget has been spent etc. then please ask me and I’ll be happy to help.

Can I have a look at the JCR Budgets?

Yes! Any JCR member can look at the budgets, if you want to see them or a copy of the presentation of the Budgets for this year feel free to ask and I will send you them.




Academic Affairs

College contacts

These are the main contacts in Hertford for any academic issues. If you don’t know who to contact with an issue then just ask, and if none of the Hertford contacts seem to cover the issue then I can point you towards some wider university contacts to help out:

Senior tutor

David Hopkin is responsible for overseeing the full range of academic activities within the college.

Academic registrar

Lynn Featherstone oversees academic operations such as inductions and examinations, and acts as the point of contact for students with disabilities.

Academic administrator

Sue Finch

Deputy academic administrator

Julia Howe

Useful links

  • - SusCam is a service that provides support for suspended students. They have a Facebook page and group with support and advice.
  • - The OxSU ACAF rep is Oliver Holdsworth.
  • - Tutor reports can be found on Oxcort. These are published at the end of each term.
  • - Lecture slides and course information can be located on WebLearn.
  • - Links to the academic feedback surveys, info on booking college rooms in Trinity term and info on tutor feedback sessions and other ACAF news will be posted on the JCR page throughout term so make sure to keep your eye out!


What does ACAF actually do?

In a nutshell the ACAF officer provides information and advice about the academic affairs in college. This can be anything from problems with tutors to helping students book rooms. If you want a better understanding of the role then take a look at the description of the role in the college constitution. AMEND?

I’m having problems with a tutor, what do I do?

Problems with tutors can include a tutor not giving work back on time, setting too much work that is unrealistic, making comments that make you feel uncomfortable and upset and much more. If you are experiencing any form of problems with your tutors then message me and I can help you to email a tutor, can send an email on your behalf or speak to the Senior Tutor about the problems. Don’t be afraid to get in touch.

I haven’t had an essay/collections back. What do I do?

If you are having trouble with tutors returning work to you then let me know and we can sort it out as soon as possible.

I’m having suspension issues. How do I get support or advice?

There are a number of services provided by the university that can give you help and advice if you have been suspended. The main one of these is SusCam and there is also a Facebook community of suspended students that provides support. The links to these have been provided above and have options to post anonymously if you message the pages. If you need any more information then just contact me.


Network cable loan terms

Terms of Cable loan

By taking out a cable or adapter you agree to the following rules and policies:

  • - All cables and adapters must be returned to the IT Officer before Thursday of 8th of the current term (or Thursday 0th week of the next term if loaned for a break)
  • - The IT Officer will charge £7 for an adapter and £1.50 for a cable on the next battels payment if not returned by the agreed date above
  • - Wireless/Ethernet routing or use of Internet Connection Sharing Services is not permitted
  • - The use of piracy software or supported methods of piracy (e.g. BitTorrent, P2P - Peer to Peer, Piracy websites, etc.) is not permitted
  • - You are responsible for the data and activity of the device while it is on loan in your name
  • - The College will not recognize any obligation to external parties regarding devices attached to the network
  • - Users must also agree to and comply with the University of Oxford IT Services Policies and Guidelines

The connectivity to the network will be maintained & monitored when applicable; however if an outage occurred or a requested change deemed necessary to the IT Department, College or University, then we reserve the powers to deny the network services for maintenance or disruption at any time. Hertford College have no obligation to maintain a connection to the network.

Hertford College reserves the rights to monitor & restrict any device (on college grounds or private college accommodation) on the network at any time without notice and/or warning; in a case of an elevated dispute the college also reserves the right to take copies of data with any device associated/involved.


Web print


Order from male welfare

Order from female welfare

Peer supporters

First responders

Nurse's hours

Alison holds an “open” surgery in her medical room – NB1/3:

Monday 09:30 – 11:45
Wednesday 14:00 – 16:00
Thursday 09:30 – 11:45
Friday 09:30 – 11:45

These are “walk in” sessions – individual appointments can be booked at other times by emailing or telephoning her.

On Tuesdays, there is a Hertford-only surgery at 28 Beaumont Street Surgery between 12pm and 1pm. Choose an appointment by emailing or phoning the Nurse, or phoning the doctor’s surgery (01865 311811).

College contacts

Peer Supporters

Hertford has a wonderful contingent of trained students who can offer a more informal opportunity to discuss any issues you may have. They will listen and communicate effectively with you whilst respecting boundaries, and if needed point you in the direction of professional support networks. The current Peer Support network is here.

First Responders

These students are trained to listen to and help those who have been victims of sexual violence, offering direction to available resources and support. The current First Responder network can be found here.


Dr Alison Woollard manages welfare provision across the college. Since she works closely with other members of Welfare staff at College, and is well placed to refer you to the most appropriate person. Alison is also Hertford’s lead on PREVENT, dealing with worries about radicalisation.

Junior Deans

Hertford has three Junior Deans across its different buildings. These are graduate students who are available for immediate issues, whether you are looking for someone to speak to or need someone to deal with noise reduction. Jieun Baek can be found on Main Site in NB4, Andrew Dean in South Oxford in the Graduate Centre, and Anne-Marie Nussberger in North Oxford.

Welfare Coordinator

Mrs Yo Davies is the first point of call for student welfare, providing support for mental health (Yo is a trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist) and disability issues. You can email Yo to set up appointments, and she also holds drop-in sessions between 1 and 2pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during term time.


The Reverend Maria (Mia) Smith is open to a confidential chat in her office in NB1/4.

College Nurse

Mrs Alison Nicholls is your go-to member of staff for medical issues, providing quick advice and able to refer you to a doctor from her comprehensive list of agencies, as well as being a confidential ear for other welfare issues (such as homesickness). She offers an open walk-in in NB1/3 (see FAQs for open times). She can also be contacted at if you need an appointment with her or the Hertford-only surgery at 28 Beaumont Street between 12 and 1pm on Tuesdays (the surgery is also contactable at 01865 311811).

Tutor for Women

Professor Emma Smith can offer advice on issues like harassment, for both men and women equally.

Disability Lead

Professor David Hopkin is both the Senior Tutor and the Governing Body member responsible for all matters relating to disability.


The Porters can be contacted in the Lodge at 01865 279400.

JCR Reps

We also work closely with JCR reps (find their page on the JCR website)


What supplies can I get from the Welfare Officers?

We can pidge:

  • - Condoms (also available for free from condom machines: HW5 ground floor toilet, and laundry rooms in Warnock and Leckford)
  • - Pregnancy Tests
  • - Lube
  • - Attack Alarms
  • - Dental dams
  • - Earplugs

How can I get these supplies?

Contact a welfare officer – just email or message us, or fill out the form. We will pidge the requested supplies to you!

We will generally pidge within 24 hours. If the supply is urgent (e.g. pregnancy tests), we will pidge ASAP.

If I buy supplies elsewhere, can the JCR reimburse me?

If you choose to buy any of the supplies listed above, the JCR will not subsidise you. However, there are a few items which cannot be pidged but can be subsidised:

  • - Mooncups: the JCR will subsidise half the price of a Mooncup. Students who purchase one can email one of us and pidge us the receipt. We will then pidge back half the cost, to the nearest pound.
  • - Morning After Pill: When students purchase the morning after pill from a pharmacy, the JCR will subsidise 50% of the cost. Students must email one of us, and then pidge them the receipt. We will pidge them the money. Note: It is often possible to get the morning after pill for free on weekdays at a pharmacy (e.g. Boots) if you have a consultation and fill in a form.

Welfare teas: What are they and why should I go?

The purpose of welfare teas is to provide a friendly and relaxing environment in college. They are events which happen three times each term (often weeks 3, 5, and 7), usually in the JCR common room. All members of the JCR are invited (massively encouraged!!) to attend. Welfare teas are an opportunity to meet new people, chat to welfare officers and peer supporters, eat free food, and have important breaks from academic work.

Welfare Taxis: What are they and when can I use one?

When there is a valid welfare concern, JCR students are able to use a taxi which is fully subsidised (batteled £0) by college. Of course, all cases and circumstances vary, but examples of valid reasons for taking a JCR taxi include:

  • - Emergencies that require immediate medical attention
  • - Alone at night and feel unsafe walking home
  • - Immobility – if a person is unable to take other means of transport they may use a welfare taxi (note: if this is the case for a long period of time, it must be negotiated with the Welfare Officers)
  • - Any circumstance in which the use of the JCR taxi will remove a student from a potentially harmful situation, particularly if they are alone

Previously arranged trips to the JR Hospital are unlikely to be valid for subsidisation, unless mobility is an issue. The use of welfare taxis to the SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) in Slough IS VALID.

How do I book a welfare taxi?
  • - Ring the lodge and ask to book a welfare taxi
  • - Provide Bodcard number, pick-up location and destination
  • - Email Welfare Officers within 48 HOURS with reason, for assessment of validity. (Note: this step is vital. Even if the lodge is aware of the reason, please email the Welfare Officers.)

If the given reason is valid, the student will be batteled £0. Otherwise, the student will be batteled the cost of the taxi.

Where are sexual health clinics in Oxford?

There are 3 clinics in Oxford which together provide a comprehensive range of contraception and sexual health services:

  • - Rectory Centre: Rectory Road, East Oxford, OX4 1BU
  • The Churchill Hospital, Old Road, Headington, OX3 7LE
  • Orchard Health Centre, Cope Road, Banbury, OX16 2EZ

There are also clinics in Abingdon, Bicester, Didcot, Kidlington, Wantage and Witney; full details here.

Useful links


Hertford College Blog

Alternative prospectus 2016

College contacts

  • - Catherine Redford- Head of Admissions
  • - Lynn Feathersone- Academic Registrar

Student support fund


What is it?

The Student Support Fund is designed to help out Hertford students who come into unexpected financial difficulty due to circumstances beyond their direct control. Alumni donate funds specifically for this purpose. All Hertford students are eligible whether graduate or undergraduate, UK or overseas.

What is it typically awarded for?
  • – Students who are not in receipt of government grants, the full Oxford Opportunity Bursary or Hertford College bursary, whose parents are not in a position to fund term time living costs to the extent required and who have no other funds to draw on.
  • – Students whose financial circumstances have changed during the year and have not yet been reassessed by the SLC for a higher level of grant which would in turn trigger OOB and Hertford Bursary Funds.
  • – Students who experience unexpected changes to their financial circumstances for reasons outside their control during their degree course.
How much are the grants?

Grants are typically between £200 and £800 per term depending on the circumstances and the level of funds available. In circumstances where financial hardship is temporary, the college may make an interest free loan. Grants may be one-off termly grants to help a student through a difficult period or may be repeated if the financial circumstances persist. However, students will need to apply for each term that support is requested.

How do I apply?

Complete an application form – available below – or email in the bursary. All financial details will be kept strictly confidential to the Student Support Committee (the Dean (Chair), Bursary and the Tutor for Graduates) and the bursary.

When do I apply?

Applications must be submitted to the Bursary by the end of 2nd or 6th week each term. Discussions will take place in 3rd and 7th week, after which the college will contact students to let them know whether their application has been successful or not and why.

Other questions

If there are any problems or further questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact with either the bursary or the welfare officers.

Application form


Welfairy guide

Expected Behaviour
  • Your role is primarily preventative and intended to provide support in addition to that which friends can be expected to provide.
  • You are not expected to do anything which makes you uncomfortable. If you cannot do something yourself then let someone else know – we will not ask questions.
  • You must be capable of making reponsible decisions in the best interests of others. This means staying sober. You can drink before and during your shift but be aware of your limits.
  • You must be visible. We provide high visibility jackets which you will be given by the Angel before you but you also need to make sure to move around and keep a look out for people in bathrooms and outside as well as by your friends.
  • If you feel someone is in danger of harming themselves or others either intervene yoursself, or speak to Entz, Welfare, or the bouncers. Do not attempt first aid if not trained and do not intervene if in danger.
  • Ensure an appropriate handover to the person following your shift. If there's anyone you have been monitoring let them know so that they can look out for them later.
Important Information
  • You may be asked to call a welfare taxi or walk somebody home. If you do, send Welfare an email explaining who the taxi was for and where it went.
  • If someone is going to vomit a welfare taxi will not take them and likewise they shouldn't be left unmonitored. Stay with them, and give them water and fresh air if possible until they sober up enough.
  • If you do leave the bop please let Entz and your fellow welfairies know.
  • If someone discloses an instance of sexual violence to you and you want help or advice, the Welfare and Entz team have been trained and you should get in touch with them.
Useful Numbers
  • Lodge / Welfare taxi: 01865 279 400
  • Jake (Male Welfare): 07713 768 093
  • Kez (Female Welfare): 07752 209 570
  • Sarah (Entz): 07854 224 068

Society websites

Music society


Top up

Live status


Book a room

Live ballot

College contacts

Home Bursar

Andrew Beaumont has overall management responsibility for the operational departments of Hertford College: Housekeeping, Maintenance, Catering Services, Kitchens, and Lodge. He is also the college’s Health & Safety Officer, and additionally is responsible for HR matters and compliance. His office is located on the first floor of staircase OB2 on the main college site.

Domestic Manager

Karen Smith is responsible for the college’s Housekeeping team (comprising residential caretakers, housekeepers, and scouts), who clean and help maintain the college’s main site and annexe properties.

Accommodation Manager

Charlotte Malins manages all the accommodation Hertford provides for its undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is also the first point of contact for anyone outside the college who is interested in holding an event at Hertford. Queries about student accommodation can be sent to


Something has broken in my room, what do I do?

If something has broken or isn't right in your room, i.e. a light bulb has blown, your taps are broken, you have mould or pests or whatever, then send an email to Hertford's domestic manager, Karen Smith, and CC in the Food and Housing Officer and Caroline Balfour, the head housekeeper. It's also probably a good idea to CC in your housekeeper if you're off main site, but for fresher's this shouldn't be an issue until you're in second year. Karen will pass your problems onto maintenance, who will sort them out as quickly as they can. Karen's not around 24/7 however (she's in college during office hours) so if it's an urgent problem and it hasn't happened between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday, your best bet is the lodge. They're trained to sort most things out, but if not they will be able to get maintenance in to sort it out.

My laundry is stuck in the machine/the machine isn't working/something has gone wrong. What do I do?

Firstly, there is a lot of history to this - this used to happen A LOT. Thankfully, completely new machines have been installed and the laundry rooms have been redecorated all over college's accommodation blocks, so this shouldn't be as big an issue for you as it has been for previous years. If, however, you encounter a problem with the machine, the first thing you need to do is ring the Circuit laundry helpline on either of the following numbers: 08000924068 or 01422820026. It's open 24/7 (during office hours by Circuit itself, outside of them by a contractor) and they will be able to sort out your problem over the phone, get a mechanic sent out if required, and (if between 9-5 M-F) process a refund if required.

What am I allowed to keep in my room? What isn't allowed?

There is a long list of items that are and aren't allowed in college accommodation, far too many for this small answer - you can find a more extensive list on the website, although even this isn't exhaustive. In short, anything with fire is strictly prohibited i.e. candles, incense sticks, grills, toastie makers etc. But you can have kettles (which is a perk) and a small fridge (as long as it is kept clean), as long as they are PAT tested. Pod coffee machines are allowed, but bean-to-cup and pump machines are not. Check the website if you aren't sure about something, and if it isn't listed there, then get in touch with the Food and Housing Officer.



If you are wanting to use a gym Hertford does have its own gym, however it is by no means expansive and the more serious gym-goer may want to get membership elsewhere. The university also has a gym on the Iffley Road.

The University runs offers relating to sports physiotherapy and other related services.

Oxford has an extensive number of sports clubs competing at a range of difficulties and levels; more details here.

Sports captains

Women*'s gym hours

Monday 20:00 – 21:00
Wednesday 17:00 – 18:00
Saturday 10:00 – 11:00

College contacts

  • - Hertford Pitches ground staff (contact through either a sports captain or myself)
  • - Lodge staff for hiring out pitch facilities and the pavilion


What is the Blues Fund/can I get funding to help pay for costs of uni sport?

The Blues Fund is a fund designed so that all who want to can access University level sports without being put off by financial costs. The level of funding available depends on numbers applying and the applicant’s involvement in University sport. There is a guarantee that you will get the money back for subscription fees for the year for playing for your chosen team so long as they don’t exceed the limit of £100. On top of this the amount of money available is dependent on applicant numbers. Please make any applications or enquiries well before the deadline of Sunday 5th Week Trinity. Failure to do so means there is no guarantee of financial support.

Can I hire out the sports grounds?

Yes, email Alan Sula to book, and then pick up the key from the old lodge. Please return them after usage as there is a limited supply of keys and there have been instances where teams have been locked out of facilities.

Does any college sport cost money to play?

No, everything is completely free to participate in, as we have a sports budget which covers the running costs of all teams. The exception to this is rowing which costs £35 a term (battled).

I’ve injured myself playing X - what are the nurses hours? What can college do to help?

Please contact the college Nurse as a first point of contact; her details, can be found here and her hours under 'Welfare'. Additionally, please speak to the Sports Officer to see if they can help in any way as they can help to ensure additional required services are available. As this may be an issue that is a joint welfare and sport issue the usage of welfare taxis and other welfare services may be applicable; just ask if in doubt!

Where can I get the key for the Sports Cupboard?

The key for the Sports Cupboard is stored in the lodge – please go there and ask for it.

Boat club


Main JCR group

Access group

Artford group

College chapel

Formal swapping group


Entz profile


College crests

Consent advice

Exec FAQs and info


Harassment policy and procedure